Author Challenge: Create Your Author’s Bio!

Author's Bio Hello Authors!  As we all know, we must prepare our One-Sheets.  In addition, we need to work on individual author’s bio for promotional efforts.  As discussed in the article referenced below, authors should have several versions of their author’s bio, depending upon their use.  Each of us will need to prepare a long form, a medium length, and brief biography.

How to Write a Killer Author Bio

How to Write a Killer Author’s Bio

You also may want to create a slightly different author’s bio for the different audiences you plan to touch.  Like all communication, always start from the point-of-view of the audience and emphasize the aspects of you that are most likely to resonate with them.

Of course, all of this takes time, but you’ll find that if you can build the long form first, it’s easier to select the highest priority information for the more concise versions.  Like all marketing material, in general, the effort is an up-front price, but once paid, it’s much easier to maintain and tweak rather than create outright.

I challenge each of you to write your long form bio this week.  The author’s bio from Spotlight on the Art of Grace should serve as a good basis from which to build.  Now incorporate the information from the article!

I’m working on my bios over the next couple of days.  I’ll share them as I complete them.  Your feedback would be appreciated.  When you post yours, I will also provide you feedback.

If you are willing to commit to this, reply to this post with a comment stating your commitment–not to me or us, but to yourself!  Then post another comment when you meet the commitment!

Marketing is finding more people to help.  Good hunting!