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Spotlight on the Art of Grace
By: The Alternative Book Club
frontcoverIn our first collaboration, Spotlight on the Art of Grace, you will be moved by powerful stories of personal loss and triumph.  You will learn important tips on how to learn, how to mend fences, how to make the world better, and all the while do it with energy and with a smile.

Spotlight on the Art of Grace: $19.95 – Paperback | $9.99 – Ebook







Spotlight on the Art of Resilience


By: The Alternative Book Club

Resilience is largely an exercise of mindset and mindfulness,
of perspective and persistence, of ways of thinking and of
will. In our second collaboration, Spotlight on the Art of Resilience, you will find personal stories and their lessons that are intended to help anyone who is struggling with a personal test or dealing with loss.

Spotlight on the Art of Resilience $19.95 – Paperback | $9.99 – Ebook







Once Upon an Otter
By: Chip Mackenzie

once-upon-an-otterRoxie had moxie! Raised in a violent, alcohol fueled family, she was a poster child for the power of nature vs. nurture. She had wisdom beyond her years and Christian love for everyone who she met. She was romantic and wise and faced life head-on with humor and passion. Encouraged by her second husband, she started college at 40; she had a BS in psychology and a Master of Social Work by the time of her passing at age 55. This book describes my privilege of being her partner for her last 16 years. Truly the good sometimes die young!

Written by one of our own, Chip Mackenzie’s Once Upon an Otter will touch you.

Once Upon an Otter $5.98 – Paperback | $2.99 – Ebook


The Influencer
By: Nick Wolff
The Influencer: One-Hundred Seven Lessons on Being Effective Without Being a Jerk is filled with powerful tips, hilarious stories, and useful recommendations on how to be more effective at winning people to your cause. It will empower you to move past impasses and create the world of your dreams.

By reading this book you will…

  • gain insight into why people disagree,
  • become familiar with the 12 facets of human values that define one’s worldview,
  • learn to visualize influence in a team environment,
  • discover how to cultivate a reputation that increases your influence, and
  • execute a plan to allow you to intervene effectively to advance your goals.

The Influencer $16.95 – Paperback
The Influencer $ 9.99 – Ebook