Spotlight on the Art of Grace is Now an eBook!


Spotlight on the Art of Grace is now a published eBook!spotlight-on-the-art-of-grace

I’ve just adapted our book to a eBook format.  This format works for Ipad, NOOK, and other eReaders, with the exception of Amazon Kindle.

The next step will be to build Grace on Amazon’s CreateSpace platform so as to release the book on Amazon.

Lessons Learned

Adapting the manuscript to an eBook format is a little tricky.  I’d like to take a moment to share a few of the lessons I took from the process.

  1. No text boxes.  In our original manuscript, I had included text boxes to provide captions for illustrations.  Text boxes are verboten in Lulu’s eBook building tool.I actually chose to copy the illustration and its caption to a picture editing utility to make both the photo and the caption a single .jpg image.
  2. Table of Contents.  eBooks are unique in that the a table of contents serves as a navigation tool for the work.  I had to remove the Table of Contents from the original manuscript. At the same time, I needed to retain the Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 styles.  These styles were used to populate the Table of Contents created by the eBook conversion tool.
  3. New ISBN.  Just so it’s clear, every format of the book requires a different ISBN.  Fortunately, both Lulu and Createspace provide ISBN’s for free and in real time.  Those ISBNs are tied to Amazon and Lulu, but since authors can simply republish under a differing free ISBN, there is no penalty, particularly for the first time author.

I am excited about taking another step down the road to success. I’m glad to share the journey with you!

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